Funny facts about AUDI

Fancy a joke about Audi?Ever wonder why the Audi logo has four rings? Because their drivers need to go through the Olympics just to navigate through the spare parts pricing. Now, don't get your gears in a twist—it's all in good fun!

History fact?On to lesser-known pistons in the engine, Audi holds a patent for a curious bit of technology: a Start-Stop system fueled by regenerative braking. Introduced in 1989, this green innovation actually predates current craze for all things eco-friendly. Imagine that, a time when petrol was more fashionable than avocado on toast!

Short history of AUDIDial back to the early 20th century, where August Horch founded Audi after his eponymous company, Horch, had a little disagreement over name rights—talk about court-ordered brand distancing. So, with a twist of linguistic gymnastics, 'Horch' (meaning 'listen' in German) transformed into 'Audi', the Latin form of 'listen'. From there, Audi's history accelerated into an odyssey of innovation and design that even Zeus might nod to.